Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Central City Census - March 2017

Welcome to a new month here at SuperPhillip Central! Like months usually begin here, we have a new Central City Census and Review Round-Up series of posts to go through, starting with the former. Let's see the results from last month's poll!

We only got half the number of votes compared to January, so that was unfortunate, but I do really suck at remembering to remind folks to vote no matter the month! I guess I was really sucky this past month!

Regardless, February's Central City Census tried to measure readers' hype towards the Nintendo Switch through whether folks were intending to purchase one. The majority are, whether if they've already pre-ordered, are trying to get one at launch, or will eventually get one, probably when launch issues have cleared up and more games are out.

Time for March's Central City Census question! This month, SuperPhillip Central asks your opinion on which console manufacturer has the most appealing first party games to you. Poll closes at the end of the month. I'll try to make more consistent reminders for readers to vote this month.

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