Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fellow Friend, World 1-1's October Reviews

It was an all Wiiware month of reviews for World 1-1 full of positively reviewed games. Which one do you think scored the best? I will divulge that the lowest review got an 8.5 whereas the highest received a 9.5. Did you guess correctly?

October World 1-1 Reviews

Mega Man 9

Art Style: ORBIENT

World of Goo

As for SuperPhillip Central, I'm not too big on downloadable games since there's too many retail ones to worry about! However, I will be reviewing Mega Man 9 this month, so look forward to that. If you haven't checked out our affiliates including World 1-1, whatchu waiting for?


Kyle said...

Thanks man. Do you need me to do something similar for you??

Unknown said...

Well, that's entirely up to you.
I did it since I won't be covering most of those games, and because you've been extremely nice and supportive. :)

SpinachPuffs said...

I'm generally with you superphillip - I have to many retail games that take my fancy to bother with WiiWare ones. This said, a kind friend gave me Tetris Party for my birthday, so I'll be posting up a review on that very soon :)

Unknown said...

There's a few WiiWare titles that I would really like to play: Toki Tori, Bomberman, and World of Goo.

Kyle said...

I bought Toki Tori and I have to say, that game rocks!