Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Most Overlooked PlayStation 3 Games - Part Five

Just like that we've reached Part Five of the Most Overlooked PlayStation 3 Games. As always these choices are games that failed to light up the charts in sales or were completely forgotten about altogether. What games will appear on the list this time? There's no waiting required-- let's do this!

MotorStorm: Apocalypse

Cruising through dilapidated city streets and through obliterated skyscrapers is the name of the game in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. The tracks are always altering their appearance as the metropolis you race in continues to be affected by earthquakes and tremors. Each lap is different than the last, so be on guard. A new (albeit atrocious) story mode has been added as well as upgraded online play with perks for up to a dozen or so racers. Unfortunately, Apocalypse was set to release around the time of the major earthquake in Japan. The timing really messed with sales of this stellar racing title.

Sonic Generations

Sonic performed well both critically and sales-wise on the Wii with Sonic Colors. On the review side of the spectrum, his 20th anniversary celebration title Sonic Generations did relatively well. Too bad few people purchased it. With three zones from each era of Sonic history (Genesis, Dreamcast, and Modern), a myriad of collectibles such as remixed and original music and artwork, and a host of memorable boss battles, Sonic Generations is one of the better Sonic games of recent memory. While the Xbox 360 version performs better graphically (there's less framerate drops for instance), the PS3 game is still worthy of picking up. Are people just jaded when it comes to the blue blur?

Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins did poorly on all three major platforms it released on, but you can be sure that it did worse on the HD systems as platformers aren't generally liked on them. Enter a whimsical world featuring everyone's favorite limbless hero Rayman as he partners up to rescue lums in 60+ unique levels. Some have Rayman and friends running from a dastardly and menacing creature while others have the team flying atop mosquitoes, defeating enemies. Origins is one refreshing game in a sea of bald space marines and smarmy heroes who rely solely on one-liners. Don't be surprised to see this poorly advertised (if at all) see bargain bin status by next year.

Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3

This cannot be too unexpected as Capcom had just released the vanilla version of Marvel VS. Capcom 3 this February (see my review for more). Were people satisfied with the vanilla version and didn't see a reason to upgrade to the expansion pack? While the game did not appear on the November NPD charts, it may have sold 100,000 or a tad more. Surely, Capcom was expecting much more for this title, and it underachieved in that regard. Who wouldn't want to duke it out as Phoenix Wright, Frank West, Rocket Raccoon, Iron Fist, Nemesis, or Ghost Rider? Well, for forty bucks and since I already bought the vanilla version, I guess you can count me out.

The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut

The former Wii exclusive comes to the PS3 with Move compatibility, new modes, trophies, and more. The Move might not be ideal for light gun shooters as the cursor tends to drift, but it is nonetheless serviceable. The addition of a couple levels means your shooting of zombies and macabre creatures will last much longer than the Wii version. Of course, the levels beg to be played over and over again for high scores and to earn money to upgrade your weaponry like shotguns and machine guns. Being a Move exclusive probably cast a failure spell on this game as the peripheral just is not in many people's hands.


Agree or disagree with the choices listed? Have your own overlooked games you'd like listed in a future installment? Sound off on these or anything else your little heart desires in the comments section.


Chalgyr said...

Loved MvC3 and Sonic Generations looks really solid. My younger two are big fans of the Sonic series, so I suspect we will eventually acquire it as well. :)

Unknown said...

Is that an Xmas hint? :3