Thursday, December 1, 2011

Top Ten Zelda Items

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is now available worldwide for Wii. It brings with it the most versatile combat the series has ever seen via MotionPlus. To commemorate this occasion I would like to post a list of my favorite items from the Zelda franchise. From past to present, these items have helped Link and the players controlling him reach the conclusion of his many quests.

10) Fire and Ice Rods

Both rods are basically the same save for elemental powers, the Fire and Ice Rods from A Link to the Past use energy from Link's magic meter each time they are used. The boss of the Dark World's seventh dungeon, Turtle Rock, can only be defeated by attacking the fire snake with the Ice Rod and the ice snake with the Fire Rod. They are tremendous attackers to enemies that Link does not want to get too close for comfort to.

9) Magnetic Gloves

Introduced in Oracle of Seasons, the Magnetic Gloves will really pull you into using them. They can be used to defeat Magnites by pulling the iron masks off them and then attacking them with Link's blade. The armor of Iron Masks can also be pulled off with these formidable hand warmers. Puzzles can be solved, Link can pull himself across chasms, and they can be utilized to draw a large metallic orb to attack foes. In Four Swords the Magnetic Gloves can be used to pull other Links towards the player.

8) Pegasus Boots

Used to run fast, pass through enemies with sword in front, and just speed through hallways, the Pegasus Boots are advantageous in getting through the 2D Zelda games such as A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, and the Oracle couple of titles, The Minish Cap, Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures, and Phantom Hourglass. The Pegasus Boots can be used in tandem with Roc's Feather/Roc's Cape to fly over much larger gaps than if just using Roc's Feather by its lonesome.

7) Roc's Cape

A more enhanced version of Roc's Feather (the one that first made its appearance in Link's Awakening), The Minish Cap's Roc's Cape not only allowed Link to leap over chasms in an effortless fashion, but he could also hover for a brief period of time as he floats to the ground. To cross over chasms and ignore enemies was the main job of Roc's Cape. This item is received by Link from a giant treasure chest inside the Palace of Winds dungeon.

6) The Spinner

The Spinner item is closely guarded by the Death Sword in the fourth dungeon of Twilight Princess, Arbiter's Grounds. It is essential for crossing sandy recesses that Link would otherwise sink in. With the Spinner, Link can hover over such recesses, attack enemies by performing a spin attack where spikes pull out of the spinning top-like device, and ride it like a skateboard. Certain walls can be scaled by digging the spikes of the Spinner into them, and Link can ride across them safely. The boss of the Arbiter's Grounds can only be defeated through Spinner use. Unfortunately, the item is used sparingly outside of the dungeon which is why it isn't as high on the list as I'd like. It is truly an entertaining means to ride around the world map.

5) Bombchu

Making its first appearance in Ocarina of Time, the portable bombs known as Bombchu move along at a fair pace before exploding upon contact with their target. Link starts out with ten Bombchu, but he can gain more through completing certain mini-games. Puzzles require Link to let a Bombchu go through a small hole to hit an out-of-the-way switch. Bombchus returned in Majora's Mask, both Oracle games, and Phantom Hourglass.

4) Gale Boomerang

A relic from the original Zelda, the Boomerang is a mainstay of the franchise. It has been in every (correct me if I am wrong, guys) Zelda since the beginning in various forms. Sometimes it merely stops enemies in their tracks while other times it damages them. Sometimes it spins a short distance away from Link while other times it strays a fair distance from the green clad hero. Twilight Princess features my favorite version of the Boomerang, the Gale Boomerang. It creates a gust of wind that takes out the most precarious of baddies. Like past Boomerangs, it can grab far away objects and send them toward Link. Several puzzles utilize the Gale Boomerang in ingenious ways such as powering up windmills and the like.

3) Beetle

The lone item representing the newest game in Zelda lore, Skyward Sword, the Beetle item has players adjusting the Wii remote and controlling the item with the device. Turning the remote toward the left moves it to the left, and turning the remote toward the right moves the Beetle to the right, funnily enough. The Beetle is used to attack enemies from afar, to reach switches that are otherwise unreachable (such as a switch that is on the other side of a wall), and to cut down Skulltulas that hang from webs. The item is insanely fun to use, and it is a terrific addition to the armada of items in The Legend of Zelda's tool library.

2) Hero's Bow

An item that few Zelda games can go without, the Bow (sometimes called the Hero's Bow or Fairy's Bow) is used to shoot arrows at foes from afar (what else?). There are several different types of arrows Link can receive and use such as fire, ice, and light arrows. Light arrows are generally the only means that can penetrate the sinister defenses of Ganon and defeat him. In the 3D Zeldas the quiver of Link can be upgraded to hold more arrows. In the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time, the bow can be aimed not only with analog controls but with the gyro controls or a combination of the two. The bow pictured above is from Majora's Mask

1) Hookshot

First appearing in A Link to the Past, the Hookshot is the quintessential item for getting around large gaps and attacking far away foes. In Ocarina of Time, through making it through Dampe's maze-like crypt, Link can obtain an upgrade to the item, the Longshot. It has an extended range, perfect for crossing large chasms, reaching platforms holding Heart Containers, and batting away bothersome enemies. The version of the helpful item shown above is The Wind Waker version of the Hookshot. Twilight Princess would take the item a step further, introducing two clawshots. While hanging with one clawshot, Link could shoot another to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Very sneaky, Nintendo.


There are dozens upon dozens of useful items in the history of The Legend of Zelda franchise. What are some of your favorites?

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