Friday, January 6, 2012

Announcing Our Newest Affiliates: Volatile Mode and DaisyFAIL

Another week, another affiliate or two added to SuperPhillip Central's ever-growing list of fun friends and affiliates! This time I am spotlighting two new affiliates, Volatile Mode and DaisyFAIL. Ladies first, so let's start with DaisyFAIL.

DaisyFAIL is a video game centric blog with a female perspective. I didn't think there were any women on the internet. I thought it was a genuine sausage-fest. Regardless, Daisy who runs the site is ultra perky and polite, and she knows her stuff. For instance, what other girl do you know that can ramble on about Mario Kart 7 and know all of the memes regarding Skyrim? That's what I thought. Just don't embarrass yourself because she's a girl and you have zero social etiquette skills, gentlemen.

Volatile Mode

Meanwhile, Volatile Mode is ran by Jeff who occasionally posts in SPC's comment section, but NOT ENOUGH! Ahem. My caps lock key got stuck for a moment there. He doesn't bother with news as that's what IGN, GameSpot, and all of those games journalists who are PR for game companies are there for. He posts thoughtful articles about anything and everything game-related such as the missing element of surprise in gaming and thought-provoking reviews. Go check it out, and if you like it enough, subscribe.

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Daisy said...

Bahaha! I love what you wrote about me, much appreciated!