Saturday, January 7, 2012

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - The Great Return Edition

They're baaaaaaack~ Long time SPC readers know well of my favorite VGMs. I had an entire YouTube channel dedicated to them. However, one copyright infringement too many suspended my account permanently, so we suffered long bouts without any music to speak of. I thought a new year would be the perfect opportunity for this well loved and popular segment to return. Instead of using my own channel, I'm just going to use videos from other users. I just hope their accounts don't have the same fate as my old one.

Generally, SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs appeared on Mondays to kick off the work week in a splendid way. I intend to keep this tradition alive, but I couldn't wait to reveal the return of this beloved feature. The long time readers know how this works-- five songs, five descriptions, but instead of posting the videos directly on the site, I'm just going to link to them to save bandwidth and you from having to load them. There will be still photos or wallpapers of the games to take the videos' places. Just click on the song title to be instantly transported to the selected video. Now with all of that introduction out of the way, let's listen to some awesome video game music!

v1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii) - Romance Theme

In the latest in my favorite franchise (no worries, I was impartial as usual in my reviews of all games in this series), Zelda is the type of person that you want to save. Other games it was more like, "yeah, I guess I'll do it while I increase the strength of the Master Sword." Moments with this poignant theme with a harmonious and lovely chorus made Skyward Sword special. The bond between this game's Link and Zelda were immediately apparent, and that was no doubt in part helped by NoA's excellent localization of the game. Take a listen to this theme and you, too, will be in wonder. There's a reason this game won SPC's Best Original Soundtrack award.

v2. Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, 360) - Saber's Edge

Usually when a song from a game I haven't played jumps out at me, grabs me, and doesn't let go, the song must be something special. This boss theme from Final Fantasy XIII, a game that it seems fans either love or hate (no wiggle room in the middle), is full of increasingly bombastic sounds. You have the tense sounds of the piano, the full blare of the brass, and the ascending and descending notes of the strings. I feared for the fate of the Final Fantasy series' music when Nobuo Uematsu left to pursue his own interests, but those fears were put to rest when I heard the soundtrack for this divisive game.

v3. Kirby's Return to Dreamland (Wii) - Aurora Area

Starting off with an otherworldly breeze sound whistling through the air, rising and falling, Aurora Area then kicks in with the main beat. This theme plays during a level in world four of Kirby's Return to Dreamland, my favorite console Kirby game. Yes, even beating fan favorite Kirby Super Star. The level the song plays in is divided up between several rooms in a labyrinth-like pattern. I wouldn't mind getting lost as long as this theme accompanied me along the way!

v4. Sonic Colors (Wii) - Asteroid Coaster Act 3

This variation of Act 1 is absolutely and positively rocking. The electric guitar guns for top position in this piece that moves and grooves as Sonic rides along Dr. Eggman's untested Asteroid Coaster. Could this wild ride be the blue blur's last? Of course not as there was Sonic Generations released a year later. Sonic couldn't have died if he was in a game that came after Sonic Colors, right? The manic pace of this piece makes going high speeds in this level all the more intense as you leap from coaster to coaster and defeat badniks of all sizes.

v5. Skies of Arcadia (DC) - Credits

If you recall, this ending credits theme was listed as one of my favorite ending themes a few months back. If you don't remember or weren't here, then you have a second chance to listen and feel the warmth. Beginning with a quaint and quiet piano phrase, the credits theme eventually builds up to feature the entire orchestra, ending with a crescendo of brass and strings playing the main melody in magnificent fashion. It is one for the ages, and a perfect send-off to this glorious RPG.


So what did you think? Were you surprised/excited to see my VGMs return? They'll be back in a week or so to start your work week off right, so look forward to that. If you have any suggestions for the VGMs, let me know in the comments section.

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