Sunday, January 1, 2012

Central City Census - January

Happy new year, everybody! It's a new year not only in the world, but also a new month at SuperPhillip. That means it's time for a new Central City Census to pick at your brain. Before we step foot into uncharted waters, let us take a look at the last poll of 2011.

Do you plan on receiving or buying a console for the holiday season?

I plan on receiving one.
7 (21%)
I plan on buying one for someone.
4 (12%)
It's up in the air, really.
2 (6%)
No, not this year.
19 (59%)

Votes so far: 32

For December I asked a holiday themed question, and you guys gave me the gift of your responses merrily. Being so deep into the generation, most of you were not planning on getting or gifting a console over the holidays. Meanwhile, 21% of the vote were thinking they were receiving one while 12% said that were going to buy one for someone. I'm interested to know how many of these people went through with their intentions. Finally, 6% or two people stated that they didn't really know either way. That was fun, and thanks to all who voted last month. Now let's see what is in store for the first census of the year.

The holidays are over, and that might mean that you got a plethora of new games on top of the ones you still haven't completed or even played. January 2012's CCC asks how many games are in your backlog. Voting ends at midnight CST on February 1st.

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