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Best Boss Battles in Gaming History - Part Eight


Welcome to a new edition of Best Boss Battles in Gaming History, SuperPhillip Central's long-running series celebrating the greatest encounters against some of the coolest baddies in gaming's illustrious history. With Part Eight, we have bosses from God of War III, Kingdom Hearts II, and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, for starters. If you missed a past part of Best Boss Battles in Gaming History, no worries. We have all previous installments nicely arranged below for you.

Poseidon - God of War III (PS3)

SuperPhillip Central's tenth pick for best PlayStation 3 exclusive, God of War III, wastes no time thrusting players right into the thick of things. After some exposition and taking out some minions, Kratos comes face-to-face with the god of the sea, Poseidon. Taking out the claws on either side of the pile of rock that Kratos stands on allows him to use the titan to move to the same level as Poseidon. As the sea god takes some divine punishment from the former God of War, he slams his left fist into the ground to try to smash Kratos into ashes and then uses his trident to try to impale him.

Once enough damage has been given to Poseidon, Kratos can climb up to him and start terrorizing the terror of the seas even more-- slamming the ferocious god's head into a wall, stabbing his heart, and other painful actions. The pattern repeats itself once before Kratos has to swing from monster's claw to claw before finally diving through the sea creature's heart, pulling the human-like Poseidon out of the aquatic monstrosity.

You get to see Kratos beat the crap out of Poseidon from the sea god's own point of view. The bloody beatdown concludes with Kratos grabbing Poseidon's head and snapping it, dropping a stream of blood as the now former god of the sea's lifeless corpse falls to the waters below. Kratos may have won the battle, but at what cost? Athens is overcome with a massive tidal wave, flooding the majority of the city and surrounding land. Would we do it all over again to enjoy such an epic battle? Damn right, we would!

Sephiroth - Kingdom Hearts II (PS2)

Just beyond the Crystal Fissure in Hallow Bastion/Radiant Garden lies the most difficult boss in Kingdom Hearts II. You might know him as the One-Winged Angel, but most often than not you know him simply as Sephiroth. We can tell you with certainty that Sephiroth is one tough hombre as he has 15 life bars of health, three different attack phases, and deals some serious damage. You think massive damage on crabs is impressive? You haven't experienced Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts II, then.

The most important bit of information or strategy that can be given in this very challenging encounter is that the best offense is a good defense. Many times Sora can block one of Sephiroth's otherwise devastating attacks, resulting in the fiend being temporarily dazed. This means Sora can jump in and perform a quick combo attack while Sephiroth is weary.

Sephiroth loves to dash and slice with his very long blade, use Omnislash, teleport behind Sora and try to uppercut him, shoot pillars of fire, use an attack that brings Sora's HP to 1 and MP to 0, and a bunch of other very nasty tricks. Players who defeat Sephiroth can rest well at night with the knowledge that they defeated not only the hardest boss in Kingdom Hearts II, but one of the hardest bosses in the series.

Mr. Patch - Banjo-Tooie (N64)

The giant tent that rests in the middle of Witchyworld, the third area of the Nintendo 64's Banjo-Tooie, holds one of the most interesting (and deadly) attractions in this carnival themed land. No, Banjo and Kazooie, you're not here to watch, you're actually going to be part of the attraction itself, and that's a battle against the strange wobbly inflatable thing known as Mr. Patch! Inflating towards the roof of the tent, Mr. Patch proves to be a colossal foe, but no worries-- the actual battle is quite entertaining and well worth the price of admission.

Observant players will notice that Mr. Patch possesses numerous.. patches... right on his big old body. Destroying one with an explosive grenade egg will cause air to flow out of the boss. Mr. Patch then declares that the bird and bear duo must take to the skies to defeat him. Sergeant Jamjars comes in in the clutch and summons multiple flight pads for Banjo and Kazooie to use.

Once in the air, you can fire egg-splosive eggs in first-person mode to destroy the remaining patches. This is no easy task as Mr. Patch is a moving target-- albeit slow moving target. After all patches have been popped, Mr. Patch deflates, as does his ego, as he zips around in the air into nothingness, not to return again until the Xbox 360's Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

The Boss - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2)

Everything has come down to this moment-- the halo jump, the gun duel with Ocelot, the game of hide and seek with The End, Naked Snake losing an eye, the motorcycle chase sequence, the Shagohod encounter, and so on. A bittersweet battle between Jack and his mentor for so many years, the one-on-one face-off with The Boss is the final mission that Naked Snake must accomplish before his duty is over and he can attain the title of Boss. This encounter can either be really easy or really hard depending on how you go about it. Close quarters combat (CQC) is something The Boss excels in, but a well timed CQC counterattack can send her to the ground, ripe for the picking as she's on the ground recovering. Just be sure not to hide where The Boss can see Snake. From firing rounds from her Patriot to cartwheeling into Snake, The Boss is not going to give her title away quietly. It's a delicate game of cat and mouse as the two clash within a field of gorgeous white flowers.

Seth - Street Fighter IV (Multi)

The chief executive officer of the weapons division of crime syndicate Shadaloo, S.I.N., Seth is the boss of the arcade mode of Street Fighter IV and its follow-up, Super Street Fighter IV. Originally designed by M. Bison as one of the Shadaloo boss' replacement bodies, Seth had his own motives and went rogue. He was named after Seth Killian, a former senior manager of Capcom before he moved on from the company. Seth is an interesting creature as he comes with a contraption that rests in his abdomen known as the Tandem Engine. It allows him not only to possess great power, but Seth can actually suck up his opponents, spin them around inside, and shoot them out like bullets. Combine all that with his many moves that come from other world tournament combatants, and you have one serious threat to contend with.


We thank members of N4G with their input on additional boss battles that they wanted to see listed. If you, the SPC faithful, have any boss encounters that are your personal favorites that we haven't mentioned in a previous installment yet, be sure to send us a comment below.

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