Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SPC Mailbag - Thanksgiving Edition

It's once again time to pull out the old SPC Mailbag. It's made of synthetic fibers, and it's tested by Homeland Security just incase some of you were angry about a review or article and laced hazardous material with your letter. In this installment, we have three questions that run the gamut of subjects-- one blog-related, one downloadable game-related, and finally, one gaming in general question. Let's open it up!

Why do you sometimes have blog entries that are completely blank?

Most recently, Tuesday's entries were blank. This is because I don't like cramming a number of special updates (editorials, reviews, and segments like the SPC Mailbag) into one day. I like to spread them out-- not only for my convenience, but also to make browsing the blog much easier. Hopefully that makes enough sense. I certainly do have a great amount of madness to my methods...

What are your thoughts on the downloadable game scene (involving WiiWare/XBLA/PSN). Do you think it's a waste of time or that it might actually be some competition for retail games?

I really doubt downloadable games will become popular next generation. For me personally, there's nothing like having a tangible game in your possession. All you own with downloadable content is data, and even then you can lose it and not get it back via loopholes and shady dealings. I think companies will want to continue selling their games for $50-60 instead of putting them up online for a smaller fee. I could be completely wrong, of course. I'm not a video game analyst like Michael Pachter, but then that would mean I'd be wrong 99.99% of the time...

What are some of your pet peeves when in comes to gaming?

This is a can of worms that you just had to open! I'm kidding. Well, game-wise I really loathe invisible walls. I like exploring levels, and when a stupid invisible wall blocks me from what looks like something I could walk on, it's obnoxious. How hard is it to place a seeable barrier of some kind? I also dislike racists, homophobes, internet d-bags, and tough guys over online gaming. People who boost their gamerscore and brag about it I view as sad-- especially if they cheat to boost it. It's a useless number that means nothing.

Additionally, I hate the ESRB's rating scale for M-rated games. "Mature"-- an incredible misnomer since a lot of the games with that label are anything but, yet E and T games are the ones that are "immature" and/or "kiddy" to some... I dislike ignorant gamers who don't honestly know how ignorant they are when it comes to a variety of subjects. The Wii is right now the most popular subject to be completely misinformed over.

I'm out of breath now after that rant, so let's end it there. I'm putting away the SPC Mailbag for now. As always, if you have any questions you'd like to me to attempt to answer, please hit me up with an e-mail at:


Have a great Thanksgiving, everybody.

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