Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Couldn't NOT Post This

Posted by Stop It on NeoGAF:
...ask a gamer what the "maturation" of the games industry is represented by and they'll show you Gears, MGS and KZ2. Ask the same question to a sane analyst and they'll point you to the PS2s "casual" library, the DS, and Wii.

What is defined as "Adult" games here are actually testosterone filled games aimed squarely at teenagers, whereas games like Wii Fit, Brain Training and the like are truly Adult games because they break down the barriers of gaming and appeal to the general adult populace, not just children and adults who wish they still were.

To add to my earlier post, it also explains why this forum is the way it is.

The current trend of games that are apparently "mature" has brainwashed a generation of gamers into thinking that they are in fact, mature and thus more clever than everyone else. This attitude has cascaded onto forums where suddenly, opinions don't exist any more, everything spouted by these "enlightened" gamers is fact and thus, hyperbole reigns supreme.

This has caused a lack of a middle ground, here and in most gaming forums, and has affected every sphere of conversation, games are either "GOTF" or "Utter ****" and anyone who tries to moderate opinion on these games are wrong; Good examples of this are GTA4, suddenly the worst game ever, and KZ2, currently untouchable as the best game ever made, ever, shits on everything, apparently.

What is worse is how this has now invaded things like Sales Age and discussing the future of consoles, everything is now a bomba or "great success", consoles are either dead or about to sell like mad, the "Year of the" meme has got to the point where I cannot tell quite who is being cynical or sincere any more.

So, if gaming wants to be seen as truly an "Adult" hobby, the hobbyists have a lot of growing up to do.
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That's essentially my viewpoint-- NeoGAF audience included.

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Kyle said...

Very nice... pretty much sums up a lot of the annoyances of this console generation.