Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sequels I'd Love to See - Part Two

It was three years ago give or take where I originally posted a list of sequels that I desired. My lust for new games in dormant franchises sends my stomach turning in weird and unusual ways. Sometimes I get my way. For instance, last time I wanted a Donkey Kong Country sequel, and wouldn't you know it that a year later Retro Studios came out with Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii. Well, let's hope my calls for new games don't fall on deaf ears. The following is a list of games that I would adore seeing sequels to. Let's bring on the list, brother!

F-Zero GX (GCN)

There were two games released around the same time for the F-Zero series: F-Zero GX for the GameCube and F-Zero AX for arcades. You could take your memory card for the GameCube and place it inside the AX arcade cabinet to unlock content for GX. GX had it all: intense races, fast and frenetic speeds, a wealth of unlockables, a nine chapter story mode, brutally designed tracks, a high difficulty, and massive production values. Can you imagine seeing the F-Zero franchise's blistering speeds put into full HD on the Wii U? Oh, my mouth and eyes water just thinking about it!

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (PS3, 360, Wii, DS)

Speaking of racing games, there were a line of toys hinting at a sequel to this game, but since then there has been no word. I would love to a sequel to this, one of my favorite racers of the generation. There was no overuse of items, no rubber-band AI, and no cheap tactics by the computer racers. The online was entertaining, the mechanics such as drifting were delightful, the shortcuts were well hidden, the courses (though derived from a handful of locales) were crafted in a brilliant manner, and the character selection got me filled with a mighty case of nostalgia. I wonder how Sumo Digital would prevail at a sequel...

Skies of Arcadia (DC, GCN)

Vyse and the gang successfully fought off an evil pirate empire in the original Skies of Arcadia. A port with enhanced content and less random encounters (making for a less tedious experience) would end up on the GameCube. Collectors will pay a high price for a copy. I loved nearly everything about Skies of Arcadia. There was nothing like it at the time. Flying around a sky overworld in search of new locales and areas made you feel like you were in uncharted waters... so to speak, of course. Then there was the air battles against other ships and colossal creatures. I would hope a sequel would bring either the old cast back or a new line of heroes. Though, it seems Sega is committed to playing it safe with just a small selection of franchises they know will sell. Losing a billion will do that to a company.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (GCN)

Eternal Darkness was a title on the GameCube, a console that the mainstream media and "gamers" derided as "kiddie." This was despite Nintendo allowing an uncensored version of BMX XXX, exclusive entries in the Resident Evil franchise, and this game, Eternal Darkness, on their system. It seems Nintendo's critics will say anything, even if it isn't grounded in reality. Eternal Darkness messed with one's mind. The sanity effects such as pretended to delete your data and lowering the volume of the game made for some hilarious reactions of players. We know that Silicon Knights has a Wii U devkit. We also know they are working on a project that goes "back to their roots." Is their project a sequel to this nightmare-inducing game?

Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS)

Sent out to die by Capcom, Resident Evil: Revelations should have been the game that got the lion's share of advertising by Capcom instead of the awful Operation Raccoon City. Revelations had the lower user base for the system it was on, it was of higher quality, and PS3 and 360 owners love their gun games so the marketing for Operation Raccoon City did itself. Regardless, Revelations was a semi-return to series' roots. The game was one half survival-horror and one half action a la Resident Evil 4 and 5. The game was convincing in bringing forth the frights, and I hope Capcom sees the critical acclaim for the title and puts out a much deserved sequel for Revelations.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS) 

2D Metroidvania on the 3DS just seems like a simple notion. The Castlevania titles sold extremely well on the Nintendo DS, and they were of great quality. Those two things hand-in-hand make for a series that needs to come to the 3DS to continue the success. The fact that we haven't even heard a word from Konami on this is bewildering to me. 2D Castlevania is popular. Nonetheless, Konami has proven if anything this generation that they are pretty incompetent and can only survive by hanging from Hideo Kojima's pockets. They killed off Hudson, they handed off Silent Hill to a poor Western developer, and their Pro Evolution Soccer series is getting its butt handed to it worldwide by EA's FIFA franchise. Perhaps a 2D Castlevania this day and age is considered a gamble. 

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (DS)

One of my personal favorite handheld franchises is currently in limbo. Intelligent Systems, the developer behind the series, has its collective hands in Fire Emblem and Paper Mario. Hopefully when they finish both games they can return to this excellent strategic series. Some did not like the darker direction of Days of Ruin. In fact, the game never released in Japan. I don't know if the darker direction is the reason for that or not, but I enjoyed the title regardless. Planning a tactical assault on your enemies, battling online with friends, completing missions, and creating your own maps were all popular and entertaining tasks in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.

LocoRoco: Midnight Carnival (PSP)

The first and only downloadable entry in the quirky LocoRoco franchise, Midnight Carnival was a tricky and challenging game. It was also remarkably rewarding to play. Using the shoulder buttons to move your LocoRoco around the various areas, clicking both in to make him or her jump, and maneuvering through increasingly more difficult levels made for a bloody good time. LocoRoco just begs to be placed onto Sony's PlayStation Vita. The series could be given a new lease on life, a second chance in the spotlight, etc. Just imagine the vibrant visuals of the franchise on the Vita's glorious OLED screen. Are you salivating heavily like I am? I thought it was rabies at first, too, but I think it is my excitement towards the idea!

The Munchables (Wii)

Pac-man meets Katamari Damacy, the goal of The Munchables, a terrific title by Namco Bandai, is to gobble up enemies to increase your Munchable's size. As you grow you are able to visit new areas in levels and advance. The game oozed charm and cuteness with your Munchable being able to be customized with various accessories unlocked through getting high ranks and discovering presents in the numerous levels. There's nothing like battling big bosses like a giant vine of grapes, a chocolate monster, a humongous stalk of broccoli, and many more edible baddies. The Munchables released under the radar to no fanfare. To be completely truthful, SuperPhillip Central was the first place to release a review on the game. If you can find a copy, definitely gobble one up.


Those are nine more games that I'd love to see some sequels out of. Do you have several games that you long for sequels to? Don't keep it to yourself-- tell your fellow SPC readers!


Matt Sainsbury said...

There has been a sequel announced for Sonic All Stars Racing. I don't know if Sumo Digital is handling it thought :)

Good list. I'm going to say what I usually say when it comes to sequels: I want a sequel to Nier! But Eternal Darkness would be up there too... assuming the right developer handled it, now that Silicon Knights is on life support.

Unknown said...

I knew at a toy fair they had the branding, but I wasn't sure. Thanks for the comment!

Reggie White Jr. said...

Never heard of The Munchables. I'll pick it up if I see a copy.

F-Zero GX was my fav in the series despite the brutal difficulty. I still cannot believe there was never an F-Zero on the Wii.

Unknown said...

Hey, Reggie. You can get the game at Amazon for $19.99. It's probably even cheaper on sites like eBay.

Chalgyr said...

Yeah, there's a few games in here I haven't heard of, but I'm glad to hear the all-stars racing is going to get a sequel. I loved Eternal Darkness - we still have that one kicking around our place on the GC. I took the time to beat it all 3 times... I didn't have a lot of games to play back then. :P